Dewa19 ft. Virzha & Ello Repackage “Still I’m Sure We’ll Love Again” into A New Color

Dewa19, a legendary band from the 90s, came back with “Still I’m Sure We’ll Love Again” with a new color. This song is inside the “Format Masa Depan” album which was originally sung by Ari Lasso. In the recent version, Ello and Virzha shared their vocals. 

“Still I’m Sure We’ll Love Again” is one of the distinct colors in the “Format Masa Depan” album which seems more romantic compared to other tracks. The album was originally out in 1994. Not only that, this song is one of songs written in English, marking the beginning of Dewa19’s era with Ari Lasso. 

With new and fresh arrangements, “Still I’m Sure We’ll Love Again” is introduced once again by Ello and Virzha’s various vocals. It is their first time to have a duet in the recording. Previously, they only sang on the stage when they were the vocalists in Dewa19’s live set. 

“We have not sung together on a record yet before. This is our first time. I sang the beginning, and followed by Virzha,” explained Ello.

“Well, it is interesting to see the singing-part divide. Ahmad Dhani’s arrangements fit the my and Ello’s part divide,” added Virzha.

“This song surely needs a new touch. Back then, Ari Lasso sang it. But now, Ello and Virzha do it. The arrangement follows the era. (It is) still Dewa19 but is adapted to the current market,” continued Ahmad Dhani.

The  release of “Still I’m Sure We’ll Love Again” marks the long journey to celebrate 30 years of Dewa19’s career as well as the renewal of their classic masterpieces. In 2022, they dropped several recycled teacs under Dewa19 with Ello or Virzha as the vocalist. 

With 4 members left officially, the vocalist always changes to give a different experience for their listeners. Essentially, their nostalgic songs are freshened, adjusting the vocalist. “Still I’m Sure We’ll Love Again” is already out on all digital streaming platforms. 


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