Valentina Ploy Recalls Lovely But Painful Moments in “Camera Roll”

Valentina Ploy released a new single entitled “Camera Roll” which also marked her 3rd single under Warner Music Asia. In this song, Valentina contrasts the hopeless truth with the lovely moments of a lost relationship that are forever frozen in time. All of us may relate to “Camera Roll” as we manage our online activities after a breakup.

The song is cathartic to listen to and consoling in the idea that you are not alone on this road of heartbreak. “I hope the song can be a safe place of comfort for people’s broken hearts. A place to safely hold on to memories and pictures that will live forever despite how things change in life and the people we lose along the way.” shared Valentina. 

Alternatively, Valentina published her own playlist on social media while grieving a breakup and asked followers to join her “Heartbreak Club.” The playlist currently has over hundreds of users, each of whom has added tracks that have helped or are helping them deal with their pain, which is evidence of how music has the ability to make us feel, heal, and connect.

On April 21, 2022, Warner Music Asia revealed that it has signed Valentina Ploy, one of Thailand’s most successful singer-songwriters, as part of a strategic relationship with What the Duck, the country’s leading independent record label. With this agreement, Warner Music Asia will be able to add the well-known singer from Bangkok to its roster of well-known artists, supporting the What the Duck label’s efforts to advance Valentina’s career.


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