Dikta Revives Chrisye’s Legacy with Upbeat Remake of “Setia”

Bingkai KaryaDikta’s solo music journey has finally led him to a song by his idol, Chrisye. On February 28, 2024, Dikta officially released a remake of the single “Setia” by the late Chrisye, which was also composed by the renowned musician Guruh Sukarno Putra. Dikta admitted that he really wanted to re-sing several songs from the Indonesian music legend, but eventually “Setia” was chosen by agreement with Musica Studio’s.

“For me, the song “Setia” is a very legendary and catchy work. This song is very well sung by the late Om Chrisye. I personally really like the song that I can listen to it anytime and it will still be good,” said Dikta.

“The music of the song “Setia” is more like bringing it to the current generation, the Gen Z style. I also collaborated with one of the talented music makers, Fadlan. He has fresh ideas, and his choice of sound and taste are also very good,” explained Dikta.

In discussing the creative process of making the “Setia” remake, Dikta also involved his team, “Dikta Wicaksono Project”, who were amazing in helping him to arrange the various ideas they had, which were then further processed by Fadlan to produce new music with a different feel that sounds more youthful.

On this release occasion, Dikta also shared his views on Guruh Sukarno Putra and Chrisye, the two great figures behind the work “Setia”. “Two people I respect, the late Om Chrisye is one of my biggest influences. He is a legendary figure who can always sing any song well, memorably and long-lasting. Then Mas Guruh is also a very genius person in terms of musicality and artistry, in short he is a whole package.”

Dikta felt that the reason he was confident in performing a song that was already known to many people was because he had a sincere intention to express his admiration for Chrisye. “I sing this song because of my pure admiration for Om Chrisye, I want to make a tribute and I want to sing his songs again with my version. Everything that is made sincerely, wholeheartedly and without any ulterior motives will probably sound more comfortable to the listener’s ears,” said Dikta.

Through this release, Dikta hopes that his version of the song “Setia” can cure the fans’ longing for the legendary Chrisye. “Hopefully everyone who listens to this version can be entertained by the fresher arrangement of the song, it can make them happy and make old listeners recall and reminisce with a different color.”

The song “Setia” by Dikta is now available to listen to on all digital music platforms namely Spotify, Apple Music, Langit Musik, Youtube Music, TikTok Music and Trebel. The music video can be watched on the Musica Studios YouTube channel.


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