Do These 5 Tips To Have A Great First Date!

For those who are looking for their significant others, there are a lot of things that play a big role that influence your attraction and judgment if you are seeing someone. Besides several things that should be considered while choosing your significant others, having a successful first date is also a big win. So here are 5 tips on getting a great first date!

  1. Train your self awareness

When you are dating or seeing someone, having your self awareness as trained as possible is very important and useful in facing various situations. Try to know yourself better as a person, such as what kind of action you like or don’t like to get, what kind of things or words that might hurt or make you feel uncomfortable.

Not just trying to know yourself better, don’t forget to communicate those things well with your soon-to-be significant other.

  1. Trust your instinct

Don’t you ever ignore your core instinct, especially when you feel something’s off or doesn’t feel right. Trusting your instinct is important when you’re seeing someone you barely know personally. ( Don’t force yourself to date someone your instinct says no. 

  1. Communicate your self boundaries

If you’re someone who can’t say no, you have to break that kind of character for the sake of your comfort. Speaking your thoughts would feel so much better and make things clearer. 

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  1. Set your preferences on paying bills

Each person has their own preferences on having their first date with a whole new stranger. So, rather than wondering about your soon-to-be significant other’s paying bills preferences, discuss it directly to find clarity.

  1. Don’t overthink

Overthinker tend to overthink a lot of things, especially when something is still in an uncertain situation such as a first date. They usually think what could, would, and should happen, or maybe farther. Avoid overthinking and just be your best version of yourself on your first date, so you can feel at ease while having your quality time.

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