Dru Chen Releases Album ‘Slower Life’ with Main Single ‘Mess In Me’ with Rangga Jones and Gentle Bones

Dru Chen released his latest album entitled “Slower Life” with the main single entitled “Mess In Me”. This single is a collaboration with Rangga Jones and Gentle Bones. This album depicts a desire to face life in a simpler way and takes the listener on an emotional journey.

The album “Slower Life” is supported by Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos mixes on Apple Music and Spotify users get the exclusive bonus track “Mess In Me/Summertime (Acoustic)” with Dru’s Fender Rhodes playing. The album also featured collaborations with other artists such as Shye, Charlie Lim, and Calvert Tay.

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The album is difficult to categorize as one genre as it incorporates so many differences, ranging from the neo-soul funk “Why Can’t I Help Me?” to the alt-rock “Utopia Reimagined: If You Knew”. However, the most important moment of the album is the song “Mess In Me”.

The track listing for “Slower Life” includes 14 tracks, including “I’ll Be Honest”, “Summertime”, “Show Me”, “Utopia Reimagined: If You Knew”, and “Connect The Dots”.

Dru Chen himself is a singer-songwriter, music producer, and lecturer. He has worked with various music labels and appeared on major music events. His previous albums have been successful by streaming millions of times on Spotify and gaining recognition from various media.

Dru Chen is involved in Project Lionheart which is a collaboration with Storyteller Productions. This project has led him to perform at various community locations in Singapore to honor the frontline heroes in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. “Slower Life” is the third album by Dru Chen featuring valuable collaborations and reflective and thoughtful songs.

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