Dudy Oris Released ‘Tangan Yang Lain’

Dudy Oris was back with a new single ‘Tangan yang Lain’ under Teduh Entertainment in 2022. This song was chosen because it related to his previous song ‘Bahagia Tanpa Kamu’ created by Choki Cassandra and Zack the Jackman. 

The song was about deepest regret and was dedicated to Zollie who passed away when Dudy Oris recorded this song. 

“This song is about a regret which we all have experienced. The regret that remains in our heart. We wished that we could go back and fix everything, but it was too late. What we can do is to recall and hope that we won’t do the same,” said Zack the Jackman.

Dudy Oris added that we have to respect and bless the togetherness we get from our loved ones. If they bring joy, please appreciate them because once we lose them, it will leave a wound on us. Don’t get hurt for not being able to hold your loved ones anymore. 


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