Dagny Welcomed 2022 With ‘Brightsider’

A Norwegian pop-singer, Dagny, came back with a new single ‘Brightsider’ towards her performance in Norwegian summer festival and her main performance in London, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

This song was the continuation of her debut album ‘Strangers/Lovers’ in 2020 and her single ‘Pretty (feat. Astrid S)’. 

Dagny was inspired by those who always look at the bright side of their life. She also portrayed herself as always feeling the encouragement to create room for dreaming and waiting for her best life.

“One of my strengths and best qualities is precisely that I can see the positive instead of digging myself down. Brightsider became an outlet for this.”

Recently, Dagny began her Norwegian tour in 2 months with a total of 16,000 tickets sold. She will come to London on September 17, 2022, followed by Berlin and Amsterdam.

Up to now, Dagny reaches millions of streams in the entire digital streaming platform, as well as being nominated in 6 Norwegian Grammys’. 


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