East Java Succeeds to Maintain Increase in Farmer and Fishermen Exchange Rates

The East Java Provincial Government project to maintain the stability of Farmers’ Exchange Rates (NTP) and Fishermen’s Exchange Rates (NTN) have yielded results. This is seen in the stability of grain prices at the farm level, even though a rice harvest is currently underway in a number of areas.

According to BPS data released this week, East Java’s NTP in March 2023 was 106.82, an increase of 0.41% compared to January. East Java NTN also experienced an increase of 101.71 in March 2023 of 0.08% compared to February 2021 which was only 101.63.

Khofifah Indar Parawansa, Governor of East Java, said that several areas of East Java had started to harvest their harvests but their FTT did not decrease, and even increased. This also applies to NTN which also experienced an increase.

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Since the beginning of March 2023, several areas in East Java have started to harvest, which has resulted in sufficient supply of agricultural commodities in East Java as a national food barn. For this reason, since the beginning of last month, Governor Khofifah and her staff have been working to strengthen coordination so that agricultural selling prices do not fall.

Khofifah also said that their task now is to maintain market price stability ahead of Eid so as to minimize inflation that occurs. Besides coordinating with various related parties, Governor Khofifah also did not hesitate to directly monitor market price movements.

With down to the market directly, she can find out the technical problems in the field up to what kind of policies are taken, so that the solutions can be more detailed and effective, she also added.

Governor Khofifah hopes that all the East Java Provincial Government’s efforts to maintain market price stability and control inflation in East Java can produce maximum results. This is done so that all the people of East Java can enjoy the moment of Eid with joy.

Source: Kominfo Jawa Timur

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