Happy National Education Day! Check Out Some Facts You Might Not Know

National Education Day is today, May 2, 2023. The reason for choosing May 2 is because Ki Hajar Dewantara, Indonesia’s first education minister and a national hero, was born on May 2.

For his services, Indonesian President Soekarno appointed Ki Hajar Dewantara as the father of national education through Presidential Decree No. 305 of 1959 dated November 28, 1959. At the same time, Ki Hajar Dewantara’s birthday is celebrated as Hardiknas.

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According to Letter Number 12811/MPK.A/TU.02.03/2023 concerning Guidelines for Commemorating this joyous occasion by the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, the theme of this year celebration is “Bergerak Bersama Semarakkan Merdeka Belajar”.

In addition, May 2023 is also proclaimed as the Free Learning month in line with the commemoration of this important day for education in Indonesia. In commemoration of this momentous day, a flag ceremony and various other activities will be held.

Sources: Detiknews.com

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