Get Ready to UTBK 2023, This Is What You Do and Cannot Do Before, During, After the Test

The first batch of UTBK 2023 has started. Participants are required to know the UTBK 2023 rules both before, during the exam, and after the exam. The regulations contain what can and cannot be done by UTBK 2023 participants. The UTBK implementation is divided into two batches. The first batch will be on 8 to 14 May 2023, while the second batch will be on 22 to 28 May 2023.

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The National Selection Committee for New Student Admissions (SNPMB) 2023 issued a test procedure that serves as a guide for participants when taking the test. Here are what to do and what not to do before, during the exam, and after the UTBK 2023.

Before UTBK 2023 

1. Participants must already know the Exam Room and Exam Location the day before the exam takes place.

2. Participants must bring:

a. Examination Participant Card.

b. Legalized photocopy of SMA/SMK/MA or equivalent diploma or Certificate of Class XII from the Principal accompanied by the latest color photograph of the participant and a school stamp or Original Identity Card.

3. Participants are prohibited from wearing T-Shirts.

4. Participants must wear shoes.

5. Participants must come to the exam location no later than 30 minutes before the exam starts. If they are late for any reason, they will not be allowed to take the exam.

6. Participants are not allowed to enter the exam room before being permitted to do so. 

7. Participants are not allowed to bring logarithm lists, all kinds of calculators, paper, books or other notes, communication devices such as cell phones, watches, cameras, modems, all kinds of electronic devices for recording and so on.

8. Participants are not allowed to cooperate with any party by communicating directly or indirectly related to the exam using any communication method.

9. Bags, books, and notes in any form are collected at the designated place.

10. Participants will be inspected if there is anything suspicious.

11. Participants must sit in the designated place according to the participant number and table number, not allowed to occupy other seats.

12. Participants put the Examination Participant Card with the photo facing up.

13. Participants fill in the attendance list using the provided stationery.

14. Participants who lose their Examination Participant Card must immediately report to the Exam Supervisor.

15. Participants input Participant Number and Participant NISN as Participant PIN.

16. Do UTBK exercises according to the time provided to ensure that the application is usable.

During UTBK 2023

1. Read  the instructions carefully provided on the application.

2. Enter the Participant Number and PIN after selecting the Start Exam menu option. The exam PIN will be informed to the participants by the Exam Supervisor just before the exam starts.

3. Check the suitability of the identity that appears on the device screen and click the Agree statement before starting the exam.

4. Follow the instructions from the supervisor regarding the start time of the exam

5. Do the questions in accordance with the length of processing time.

6. Answer the questions by selecting/clicking on the answer options using the mouse.

7. Participants can change the answer choices by selecting/clicking on other answer options considered correct. The participant’s answer will automatically be replaced with the last answer choice.

8. Participants can identify the completeness of the answers in the list of questions on the left side of the monitor screen. Unanswered questions are marked with a white box and completed questions are marked with a blue box

9. During the exam, participants are not allowed to:

a. Ask questions to anyone.

b. Collaborate or communicate (talk) with other participants.

c. Collaborate or communicate with external parties. 

d Give and or receive assistance in answering exam questions.

e. Show participants’ own work/answers to other participants or viewing other participants’.

f. Leave the exam room during the exam, unless the exam supervisor gives permission.

g. Replace someone or be replaced by someone else.

h. Copy and record exam questions using any media

10. If the Participant commits fraud at Point 9, then the person concerned will be recorded in the Minutes of Examination Violations (BAPU)

11. The UTBK application will stop automatically when the test time ends and participants must click the “OK” button.

12. Participants who leave the room after entering the Test Token and for one reason or another do not return until the end of the exam time, are declared to have finished taking the UTBK exam.

After UTBK 2023

1. Reconfirm the identity and answers before “clicking” the finish exam button.

2. Participants are not allowed to continue work and remain seated when the bell marking the end of the exam time rings.

3. Participants may leave the place after being given instructions by the Examination Supervisor.

Violation of the UTBK 2023 rules can result in participants not being allowed to take the exam. 


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