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Elevate Your IQ: Discover the Top 5 Brain-Boosting Hobbies

In our quest to improve our cognitive abilities, we frequently overlook the simple pleasures of our favorite pastimes. Recent research, however, indicates that certain hobbies have the remarkable ability to raise our IQs. Join us as we investigate the top 4 brain-boosting hobbies promising to broaden your horizons.

  1. Playing musical instruments

A study discovered that people who learned to play a musical instrument experienced a 9.71 percent increase in their IQ scores. Initially, participants had an average IQ score of 103, but after learning to play a musical instrument, it increased to 113. You can start this enjoyable hobby with an easy instrument like the guitar and combine it with light singing for a fun leisure activity.

  1. Knitting

Participants who took up knitting regularly saw their average IQ scores rise from about 93 to 102 after six months of learning. This suggests that knitting can increase a person’s IQ by approximately 9.68 percent. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry if you’re interested in learning to knit, as there are numerous beginner knitting tutorials available online.

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  1. Exercise

Exercise has been shown to improve intelligence, leading to an increase of up to 7.37 percent in IQ scores. For individuals with an initial IQ score of 95, engaging in regular exercise for six months resulted in an increase to 102.

  1. Reading books

The hobby of reading books, even lighter literature like novels and short stories, can lead to a 7.07 percent increase in IQ scores. For those who initially had an IQ score of 99, this habit can elevate their IQ to 106 over six months.



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