Ella Galvin Releases Her Debut EP “The Way It Goes,” Delves Into Issues of Self-Identity, Love, and Loss

Bingkai Karya – Singer-songwriter Ella Galvin, who is based in New York, has released her debut EP, “The Way It Goes,” to all streaming services. With this EP, Ella expertly combines her genre-bending musical inspirations with a diary-style narrative that delves into issues of self-identity, love, and loss. 

She captures the charm, growing pains, and introspection she went through as a young, queer woman making her way in New York City across the six tracks of the EP. Every song, including the upbeat tunes “Pink Shoes,” the reflective strings of “Don’t Look Ahead,” and the honest vulnerability of “Spare Me,” captures a different tone and ambiance that is as unique as life itself.

“It’s a collection of moments reflecting the highs and lows of navigating relationships, finding solace in solitude, and embracing the unpredictability of life,” Ella says. “These universal feelings are not only conveyed through heartfelt lyrics but also embodied in the diverse range of genres and the unique sound profiles of each track.”

Ella Galvin got her start performing in a variety of fusion bands in Boston and New York before branching out with her own solo project in 2022. She’s spent the last few years developing her sound and fine-tuning her live show with performances around New York City. With early support pouring in from tastemakers like Unpublished Magazine and The Honey Pop, Ella Galvin is an artist you’re going to want to keep an eye on.


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