Empowering Local Tourism, the Launch of “Es Teh Hangat Universe” Successfully Held Today

"Es Teh Hangat Universe"

Bingkai Karya-The launching of the movie “Es Teh Hangat Universe” was successfully held today. Presented by Paradise Pictures, this movie is an intellectual property to empower Malang’s tourism industry through a creative approach. 

This event  took place on July 02, 2024 at Mopic Soekarno Hatta Cinema at 09.00 – 11.00 AM. “Es Teh Hangat Universe” is a collaboration between Paradise Pictures, Singhasari Special Economic Zone, and the Malang Regency Government. Together, they are mutually committed to develop the potential of local tourism in Malang.

Vicky Arief H, producer of “Darah Biru Arema,” also serves as the producer of  this movie. Directed by Mahesa Desaga, a filmmaker with recognition from festivals throughout the world, including the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival and the 2017 Indonesian Australian Film Festival. 

“Es Teh Hangat Universe” selects a number of popular tourist spots in the Singosari and Toyomarto areas as one of its signature features. The film’s production and plot are set against the backdrop of many locations. It includes the Singhasari Museum, Sumberawan Temple, Wonosari Tea Garden, Budug Asu, and Singhasari Special Economic Zone. Through this movie, the natural beauty and cultural assets in these locations are not merely an object to be enjoyed but also a space for exploration that brings benefits to the community. 

In order to promote the local tourism industry, a tour package is also available in collaboration with Pokdarwis Toyomarto. These tour packages are specially designed to visit the places featured in the movie. Visitors can experience the beauty of Singosari and Toyomarto with a fresh and exciting experience. 

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