Everything But The Girl Reemergence With Their New Album ”Fuse”

Everything But The Girl will release their new album “Fuse”, their first new studio album on April 21st, After almost 24 years long hiatus. Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn as the members of the group wrote and produced the whole album during spring-summer of 2021, creating an lustrous electronic soul that the band pioneered in mid-90s with a modern take.

Once again, Thorn’s richly-textured voice combined with Watt’s glimmering sub-bass, sharp beats, half-lit synths and empty space resulted in a sonically contemporary, yet ageless sound of the band.

The opening single from the 10-track album is Nothing Left To Lose, accompanied by a music video with Charlie Di Placido as the director. About the new album and their comeback, Tracey says ‘Ironically the finished sound of the new album was the last thing on our mind when we started in March 2021. Of course, we were aware of the pressures of such a long-awaited comeback, so we tried to begin instead in a spirit of open-minded playfulness, uncertain of the direction, receptive to invention‘.

The pair recorded the album at home and in small riverside studio outside Bath with Bruno Ellingham, where at first they decide that the album will simply be as TREN (Tracey and Ben) while focusing on ambient sounds and improvised spectral piano loops that will end up into When You Mess Up and Interior Space track, but as their confidence grew, they start to add more pulse and rhythm to the album, concluding in the creation of Nothing Left To Lose and Caution To The Wind, capturing how the hope and desperations of the feeling to start again.

Ben explains: ‘It was exciting. A natural dynamism developed. We spoke in short-hand, and little looks, and co-wrote instinctively. It became more than the sum of our two selves. It just became Everything But The Girl on its own’.

The duo’s renewed studio partnership also led to the new album title. ‘After so much time apart professionally, there was both a friction and a natural spark in the studio when we began’, says Tracey. ‘However much we underplayed it at the start, it was like a fuse had been lit. And it ended in a kind of coalescence, an emotional fusion. It felt very real and alive’.


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