Fabio Asher Drops Heartfelt Ballad “Berharap Kau Kembali

Bingkai KaryaFabio Asher, Indonesia’s rising pop star, returns with his latest offering, “Berharap Kau Kembali,” after captivating audiences with viral hits like “Bertahan Terluka” and “Rumah Singgah.” This introspective single, released on February 2nd under the indie label MJ Entertainment, coincides with the 2nd anniversary of his debut single.

Fabio’s talent shines through, earning him the prestigious “Best Newcomer” award at the 2022 AMI Awards and a “Best Male Pop Solo Artist” nomination. His music consistently tops charts in Indonesia and Malaysia, demonstrating his rapid impact on the industry.

“Berharap Kau Kembali” delves into the emotional turmoil of losing a loved one to another. Filled with worry and fear, the protagonist grapples with the possibility of their happiness lying elsewhere. Yet, a glimmer of hope persists, as the lyrics express a yearning for their return.

The recording process for this deeply personal song presented a unique challenge. To fully capture the raw emotions, Fabio opted to forgo a vocal director, resulting in an extended recording period due to the song’s profound connection to his own experiences.

The accompanying music video draws inspiration from a poignant chapter in Fabio’s life – the story of his late mother. Despite being abandoned by his father for another woman, she held onto the hope of his return, showcasing the unwavering power of true love.

The music video’s diverse locations and numerous actors reflect the depth of the story it portrays. The extended shooting schedule demonstrates the dedication poured into bringing this heartfelt narrative to life.

Fabio’s message resonates deeply: to cherish the loved ones in our lives before it’s too late. He hopes “Berharap Kau Kembali” touches the hearts of listeners across Indonesia, serving as a reminder of the preciousness of those around us.


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