Faye Webster Announces New Album “Underdressed at the Symphony” with Lil Yachty Feature

Bingkai Karya – Atlanta-born singer-songwriter Faye Webster is gearing up for a new chapter in her musical journey with the upcoming album “Underdressed at the Symphony,” set to be released on March 1st via Secretly Canadian.

Recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas with her longtime band, the album features a diverse soundscape that blends the familiarity of pedal steel and sweeping strings with the unexpected elements of vocoder and Lil Yachty’s guest vocals on the new single “Lego Ring.”

Webster has already shared two singles from the album, “But Not Kiss” and “Lifetime,” which explore the complexities of emotional intimacy and desire. These themes resonate throughout “Underdressed at the Symphony,” alongside hyper-specific imagery that paints a vivid picture of Webster’s life.

The album arrives amidst a surge in popularity for Webster, fueled by the viral success of her songs “Kingston” and “I Know You” on TikTok. Her Spotify streams have skyrocketed by 1100%, YouTube views have grown by nearly 3000%, and her live shows are selling out across the country.

Webster’s musical journey began at a young age, with self-taught guitar skills and a deep connection to her Southern roots. Her debut album at 16, “Run & Tell,” showcased her early lyrical and artistic clarity. Since then, she has navigated diverse musical landscapes, from collaborating with Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty to signing with indie label Secretly Canadian, home to artists like ANOHNI, Porridge Radio, and Whitney.

Beyond music, Webster is a multi-hyphenate talent, a successful photographer who has shot campaigns for major brands and an avid yo-yo enthusiast. Her artistic individualism shines through in everything she does, making her a captivating artist to watch.

With “Underdressed at the Symphony,” Faye Webster is poised to enter a thrilling new chapter, one that promises to be as unpredictable and captivating as she is.


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