Indonesian Singer-Songwriter Verena Embraces Self-Acceptance in New Ballad

Bingkai KaryaVerena, a 23-year-old Indonesian singing sensation based in Sydney, has gifted music lovers with her latest offering, “Bahagia Kini Ada” (Happiness Exists Now). This pop-ballad, reminiscent of Mahalini and Yura Yunita’s styles, was produced by Saving Reggie Productions, renowned for their collaborations with artists like Misellia. Verena poured her heart into the lyrics alongside Ivan Alidiyan, a celebrated songwriter who has worked with Raisa, Rossa, and Afgan.

Recorded in Sydney’s Kiln Studios, Verena hopes listeners connect with the song’s message, crafted during her journey of self-discovery. “Bahagia Kini Ada” narrates the beautiful realization of finding the missing piece within oneself. It subtly weaves in elements from Verena’s previous singles, “Hanya Sementara” (Just Temporary) and “Tiada Rumah Lagi Untuk Pulang” (No Home to Return To), which explored themes of heartbreak and loss. This third single marks a sweet culmination, transitioning from temporary joy and yearning for solace to permanent happiness and inner peace. Verena’s soothing vocals proclaim that her happiness is no longer fleeting, and her true home lies within, a haven of tranquility.

She envisions “Bahagia Kini Ada” as a warm embrace for every listener, a gentle reminder that amidst life’s inevitable challenges, inner peace ultimately awaits us all.


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