PLN Achieves 5.32% Growth in Electricity Sales in 2023

Bingkai Karya – Indonesia’s state-owned electricity company, PLN, achieved a 5.32% increase in electricity sales volume in 2023, reaching 285.23 terawatt hours (TWh) compared to 270.82 TWh in 2022. This positive performance is attributed to several key strategies implemented by PLN.

Shifting Focus from Supply to Demand: One major factor contributing to the growth was a shift in PLN’s business perspective. Moving away from a supply-oriented approach, the company adopted a more expansive and dynamic strategy, focusing on customer satisfaction and responding to electricity demand across the country. This customer-centric approach proved effective, particularly in the business segment, which witnessed a 12.53% growth in sales.

Industrial Segment Remains Core: The industrial segment continues to be the largest contributor to PLN’s revenue, accounting for 30.72% of total energy sales. This highlights the crucial role of industries in driving electricity demand.

Creating New Demand Through Extensification: PLN actively pursued strategies to create new electricity demand through its extensification program. Notably, the captive power acquisition program encouraged businesses and industrial customers to switch from their own power plants to PLN’s grid. Several major companies, including PT South Pacific, PT Yamaha Indonesia, and PT Grand Indonesia, participated in this program throughout 2023.

Electrifying Agriculture and Marine Sectors: Recognizing the potential of agriculture and marine industries, PLN also implemented programs to provide easier access to electricity for these sectors. This not only boosted electricity sales but also contributed to increased productivity and environmental sustainability in these vital economic areas.

PLN’s success in 2023 can be attributed to its strategic shift towards demand-driven approaches, focus on key customer segments like the industrial sector, and innovative programs like captive power acquisition and electrification in agriculture and marine sectors. These strategies not only drove sales growth but also positioned PLN as a key player in supporting Indonesia’s economic development and environmental goals.

Source: Tempo


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