Foot Slugging: How It Works and Steps To Do It

Foot slugging is a popular beauty trend these days. Dry and cracked feet are very common, usually caused by aging, dehydration, irritation, cold temperatures or wearing uncomfortable shoes. This method aims to moisturize the skin on dry and cracked feet.

Simply, slugging is the process of sealing the skin using an occlusive agent which is generally petroleum-based overnight. The slugging method is often recommended by most dermatologists because this technique not only moisturizes the face, but can treat dry and cracked feet.

Steps to Do Foot Slugging

The skin on the feet has a thicker layer than the skin on the face. Even so, to carry out the foot slugging method, only 3 simple steps are needed:

  1. Cleanse and exfoliate your feet with products containing urea or lactic acid. Alternatively, you can use an electric callus remover.
  1. Soak in warm water.
  1. Apply a moisturizing foot cream that contains shea or cocoa butter. After that, layer with a thick layer of petroleum-based occlusive (creates a barrier on the surface) to lock in moisture. This step will create a barrier on the skin thereby helping the previously applied moisturizer penetrate more deeply into the skin.

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How Fast Does Foot Slugging Work?

The morning after slugging, feet and heels will be softer and more hydrated. This method can also improve dry skin instantly over time. 

Regular foot slugging can even help restore the foot protector as it creates a thick layer of protection around it, since the slugging process itself coats the product with humectants that hydrate the skin first and then seal it. 

Therefore, this method needs to be tried by those of you who have dry feet, go barefoot or wear thin sandals. 



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