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From Nanana to Love: Peggy Gou’s Musical Evolution with Lenny Kravitz

Peggy Gou New Single

Bingkai Karya – Renowned artist, producer, DJ, and cultural icon Peggy Gou has unveiled her highly anticipated release, “I Believe in Love Again,” following the global success of her summer hit single “(It Goes Like) Nanana.” This track, a distinctive collaboration with the legendary Grammy award-winning artist Lenny Kravitz, showcases Gou’s ability to transcend musical boundaries. “I Believe in Love Again” is a timeless R&B-infused composition that reflects Gou’s diverse musical influences and open-ended philosophy. The collaboration introduces a side of Kravitz seldom heard before.

Expressing her musical inspirations, Gou acknowledges the significant impact of the 90s on her music. While known for her affinity for the dance/house/rave scene, she reveals her deep admiration for R&B and Lenny Kravitz. Drawing inspiration from Kravitz’s 1998 album “5,” she praises his entire discography as excellent and timeless. Kravitz’s involvement in the studio transforms the lead vocals into a magical rendition, featuring new lyrics and captivating guitar riffs. “I Believe in Love Again” delivers a powerful message of positivity and hope, inviting listeners to embrace its uplifting essence.

The single marks the second release from Peggy Gou’s highly anticipated debut album, scheduled for a 2024 release on XL Recordings. Following the immense success of “(It Goes Like) Nanana,” hailed as the international song of the summer, Gou’s star continues to rise. The track, released in June, garnered widespread acclaim and achieved global recognition, amassing nearly half a billion streams. 

Its success extended to topping charts in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Greece, while maintaining a prominent position on the UK singles chart and claiming the number 1 spot on the Global Shazam Chart. Additionally, it made Peggy Gou the first Korean artist to achieve a #1 song on US radio, topping the Billboard Dance Airplay chart. The song’s influence transcends online platforms, becoming a social media phenomenon and providing the soundtrack to sunsets and sunrises worldwide.

The impact of “I Believe in Love Again” extends to Indonesia, where it has become a favorite on various digital platforms, received extensive radio airplay, and secured positions on multiple charts. The country orchestrated simultaneous playback on 150 radio stations, highlighting the track’s widespread popularity.

Meanwhile, Peggy Gou solidifies her position as one of the world’s most sought-after DJs in 2023. From headlining major festival stages to participating in credible underground events, she continues to captivate global audiences. Notable events include the successful Pleasure Garden festival in Finsbury Park, London, and numerous sold-out shows worldwide. For a comprehensive list of upcoming tour dates, including an upcoming UK DJ appearance with Four Tet at Manchester’s The Warehouse Project, visit


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