Mika Superstar Yo Yo

Global pop sensation Mika returns with the new single entitled “YO YO” on May 13, 2022 in New York.  “Yo Yo” song was written to make the listener feel like crying and dancing at the same time. It doesn’t matter where you are, even though you listen in  your room or in a club maybe, it is just about you.  

Mika will perform his first performance of his new single “Yo Yo” in the Eurovision Finale on May 14 with an expected audience of 180 million people. Mika is known for his multi-octave melodies and also classically trained voice. He uses music to connect with everyone who feels like they are outsiders. Mika’s creation was inspired by personal experiences as coming of age and as a child. Mika has a magical ability to create space for people to share their truth by using the power of music. 

Born with the name Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. Mika started the vocal lessons when he was seven years old. He was able to play piano and write songs while showing otherworldly vocal range. Mika being a young virtuoso quickly. His musical success began with the release of his hit single, “Grace Kelly”. This single went straight to #1 in the UK and 11 other countries and also successfully sold over 8.3 million copies worldwide. Mika already released 4 other albums since his first debut. They are: The Boy Who Knew Too Much, The Origin of Love, No Place In Heaven, and My Name Is Michael Holbrook.  

Mika is a musical that has a lot of awards. He has not only won a Brit Award for British Breakthrough Act, but also been nominated for Grammys, MTV Europe Music Awards, Capital Radio Awards, and World Music Awards. Besides that, Mika has been a coach on France’s The Voice and a judge on XFactor Italia for six years. Following the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon in 2020, Mika decided to organize an online charity concert that successfully raised 1 Million Euro for charity. Mika hopes that 2022 will bring him back to the stage. He provokes this sense of magic through the attitude, energy, and movement of his studied pop performance.  Mika said that, “ It’s the sort of dangerous energy where anything is possible.”


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