Governor Khofifah Promoted “Jatim Bejo”, A Solution to the President’s Trust for Shopping for Domestic Products

Joko Widodo gave directions for the government to maximize spending on domestic products which was again emphasized at the APPSI Raketna in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Thursday (23/2/2023).

The Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa expressed her commitment to increase regional spending, one of which is by maximizing the East Java Bejo application (Online Shopping). She also said that Jatim Bejo is easy to access for the MSMEs. Moreover, the East Java Province Government has made a commitment to increase product usage across the nation by IDR 2.293 trillion by the year 2022. East Java also has an upper limit for spending of IDR 2,27 trillion for MSMEs.

Besides, Khofifah also invited the public to keep pushing for improving national and regional spending with local production through the Gerakan Nasional Bangga Buatan Indonesia (BBI) in addition to regional government spending not only through stuff but also through natural and cultural tourism objects.

This effort is in accordance with Jokowi’s direction, which also emphasizes resounding tourism potential. In particular, the President asked for more vigorous promotion throughout East Java which has high tourism potential.

The adjusted real per capita expenditure indicator in 2022 has increased compared to the previous year, reaching IDR 11,992,000 and the previous year was IDR 11,707,000.

Khofifah emphasized that the East Java Forkopimda and districts/cities throughout East Java would make it simpler for licenses to be issued for the holding of arts and sports events, as well as the promotion of MSMEs would continue to be reinforced so that people buy and adore local products.

Not only that, the focus on suppressing the stunting rate in each region is also the President’s direction. The government continues to emphasize the importance of infant nutrition and understanding for expectant mothers and mothers about stunting prevention. Starting from pregnant women until the child is born. Khofifah continues to be committed to preventing stunting in East Java. He said that partnerships and coordination continue to be carried out both through cross-programs and across sectors, one of which is by coordinating Convergence Action activities and Stunting Reduction Education.

Joko Widodo also asked the governors to encourage public spending so that economic growth would increase. He said that in 2023 more than 3,000 cultural arts and sports events would be held which could have a positive impact on the people of Indonesia. He also appealed for convenience and speed in granting permits so that the promotion of the event could run better.

Jokowi added that tourist areas in the regions could be developed and promoted even better to attract people’s interest in tourism, and encourage MSMEs to sell so that people spend as much as possible. Jokowi encourages people to spend, not skimp, so that economic growth can be maintained and even increased.

Source: Kominfo Jatim


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