Grand Mercure Malang Mirama Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with “Go Local Culture & Heritage 2.0” Theme

Malang, Indonesia – October 2, 2023 – Grand Mercure Malang Mirama proudly marks its 2nd Anniversary with a vibrant celebration under the theme “Go Local Culture & Heritage 2.0,” reaffirming its commitment to preserving local traditions and reviving traditional children’s games.

The festivities kicked off on October 1, 2023, with a captivating Opening Ceremony held at Coffee Cafe. The event featured enchanting performances, including Angklung music, the mesmerizing Beskalan dance by children with special needs (ABK), musicalized poetry, and traditional children’s games, attended by 50 distinguished guests from various sectors.

Sugito Adhi, General Manager of Grand Mercure Malang Mirama, expressed the hotel’s dedication to promoting local culture within the hospitality industry.

“Over the next 15 days, we have an exciting lineup of events, including a Storytelling Festival, Batik Nusantara Carnival, Special Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion’s Show, and a grand Closing Ceremony,” Sugito Adhi shared.

Mr. Aryadi Wardoyo S.STP., M.Si, the Secretary of BAPPEDA Kota Malang, commended the fusion of cultural elements within the anniversary celebrations and praised the hotel’s sustainable practices.

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The anniversary celebration began with the traditional gong ringing by Mr. Sugito Adhi, followed by guests enjoying traditional children’s games with the Art of Children Enjoyment community. 

Grand Mercure Malang Mirama’s 2nd Anniversary underscores its commitment to preserving local culture and serves as an inspiring example for the hotel industry.


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