ICDP 2023: Binus University and Udayana University Collaborate To Boost MSMEs

BINUS University, in collaboration with Udayana University, is proud to announce the continuation of the International 2023 Community Development Program (ICDP), which has been successfully implemented previously. ICDP is a special program that provides valuable experience for domestic students as well as students from friendly countries who participate to enrich their knowledge in their studies.

After achieving success in Malang in 2022, then in Bandung and Jakarta earlier this year, the program is now being held in Jimbaran, Bali, from August 28 to September 2, 2023. This collaboration is a driving force behind the success of this program. This joint effort will facilitate the implementation of ICDP 2023 and also unite student achievements from both institutions, thereby facilitating knowledge exchange across institutions.

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Debby Sonita Lubis, S.Psi., M.Soc.Sc.,The International Office Manager of BINUS University and at the same time ICDP Project 2023, shared their views on the significance of this program: “ICPD is testament to our commitment to encourage the development of entrepreneurship among students.

This program also involves participants from various countries such as Universiti Malaya in Malaysia, Panpacific University in the Philippines, and Dong Nai Technology University in Vietnam. This cross-border collaboration is enhancing cultural exchange and creates a rich learning environment for all participants.


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