Pregnant Women Prohibited to Smell Wall Paint, Here’s Why!

There are a lot of prohibitions for pregnant women to consume and do. One of the underrated things going on out there is the prohibition for pregnant women to smell the smell of wall paint. 

Some pregnant women are so excited to decorate their child’s room that they will be born soon. Some of them even have their pure passion in decorating their child’s room, starting from conceptualizing the room design concept, painting the wall of the room by themselves, choosing the matching decorations, and many more.

But the fact is, smelling the smell of wall paint might be something pregnant women want to avoid. The wall paint contains paint fumes that are a part of VOC (volatile organic compound) pollutants that will produce gasses from the chemical substances. 

Quoting from, an obgyn doctor, Monte Swarup stated that “It is a general rules that a pregnant woman is not recommended to paint the wall by herself for the sake of the safety of the mother and the fetus inside the womb from the risks of paint fumes,”

If pregnant women really want to paint the wall by herself, it is better to use VOC (volatile organic compound) free paints. 

“Latex paints and acrylic paints that are water based are way better than the chemical based or oil based ones. Oil paints contain solvent that might cause danger for the pregnant women,” the obgyn doctor, Monte Swarup, informed.

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Monte Swarup also informed that the exposure of VOC (volatile organic compound) can worsen respiratory disease, make children experience breathless breath and harm babies. So since the chemical substances and gasses can harm pregnant women, babies, and children health, better keep out the wall paint for safety.

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