Grand Mercure Malang Mirama Do Hydroponic Harvesting With Social Service Department and People with Disabilities

The mid-July is the most important time from the Diversity & Inclusion Week 2022 event held last June by Grand Mercure Malang Mirama. One of the events involved people with disabilities to have training in planting hydroponics. ( The event was conducted in hotel areas. 

A month later, this afternoon, the campaign was successfully done by Grand Mercure Malang Mirama who collaborated with Social Service Department Malang in harvesting the hydroponics. The plants were also harvested by people with disabilities. 

Sugito Adhi as the General Manager of Grand Mercure Malang Miraman stated that the campaign which has been conducted since June 2022 is a sustainable program, making this afternoon’s event to be the result of the previous campaign.

He also added that this event was a social event continuously done by Grand Mercure Malang Mirama as well as many institutions supporting the social events, such as Social Service Department Malang, and PMM (Pengabdian Masyarakat oleh Mahasiswa/Community Service by Students) drom Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. 

“I hope that this event can be frequently done and developed into permanent programs to support sustainability and give lessons to us all. I also appreciate the Grand Mercure Malang Mirama that has provided a platform for people with disabilities to participate in this event,” said Dra. Penny Indriani, MM. as the Head of Social Service Department P3AP2KB Malang. 

Not only that, the assistance from Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang’s PMM also helped Grand Mercure Malang Mirama, so that they could encourage all institutions participating.


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