Grrrl Gang Releases Second Single and Music Video ‘Rude Awakening’

Grrrl Gang, a trio from Yogyakarta recently announced their full-length debut album Spunky!  which is scheduled for release on September 22, 2023 by Green Island Music in partnership with exclusive licensees Kill Rock Stars (America), Trapped Animal Records (United Kingdom and European Union) and Big Romantic Records (Japan and Taiwan).

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The artwork for the album was done by Tiny Studio, apart from digital channels, the album will be released on CD, cassette, and several colors of LPs with a pre-order method.

Grrrl Gang has announced the second single and music video for the song ‘Rude Awakening’.  The music video directed by Bathroom Girls is one part of a sequel, with ‘Rude Awakening’ as the first episode.  The song tells the story of an introverted girl who seeks validation among her friends in a busy party at home.  Left alone in the crowd, her attempts to blend in are unsuccessful and a feeling of awkwardness overwhelms her. Finding solace in the bathroom, she reflects on the true nature of validation and tries to muster up her courage.

This song, composed by Edo Alventa and Angeeta Sentana, tells the story of Angee’s deep longing for someone who really listens to her. But she finds herself trapped in a world where no one seems to really care.

Lafa Pratomo was the producer who helped them record the ten songs on the Spunky! album. Lafa said that from a production standpoint, this was also new for him, working with people who could be considered outside the Grrrl Gang’s comfort zone. Indeed, Lafa helped elevate Grrrl Gang’s sound – especially Edo’s guitar sound, Akbar’s rumbling bass, and the majestic beats of additional drummer Muhammad Faiz Abdurrahman – while retaining the band’s signature energy. With memorable melodies, and Angee’s straightforward vocals that sound persuasive but also confrontational at the same time. (

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