HIVI!, Gerald Situmorang, Ify Alyssa, & Sri Hanuraga Released Collaboration Album “Bermain Rintik Di Musim Hujan”

On August 19th, 2022, HIVI!, Gerald Situmorang, Ify Alyssa, and Sri Hanuraga released a collaboration album titled “Bermain Rintik di Musim Hujan” which is out on digital music platforms. With the title song “Bulan dan Mentari” as a single to accompany the album, this collaboration project will also be followed by intimate showcases in Jakarta on August 30, 2022, and Surabaya on  September 1, 2022 to celebrate the album release while meeting with the fans.

Starting from a 3 Youtube episode mini-series collaboration project and continuing with released 3 previous singles namely “Rintik Hujan” (2021), “Memori” and “Mengapa Baru Sekarang?” (2022), this collaboration album was released with a total of 8 songs, consisting of 6 lyric songs and 2 instrumental songs. Those songs raised the feel of calm acoustic music with lyrics that try to invite listeners to take a break, accept, and make peace with the various processes of human life. Various kinds of information about collaboration projects including about their intimate showcase, can be obtained through the Instagram account @bermainrintikmusimhujan.

“(I’m) excited with this project which initially only aimed to make 3 collaboration music videos, but it turned out to be an album. All the musicians here are my favorite musicians. I hope listeners can feel the combination of our respective musical characters!” said Gerald.

The fusion of ideas from these 4 musicians made an album that is expected to be fresh in the public’s ears. “HIVI!’s songs are basically very strong.That’s why in arranging the songs, what I’m trying to do is sort of explore the atavism of the songs, but still making room for each personnel of PT. Merakit Pelita Realita (a gimmick at the beginning of our introduction to listeners) to shine. And of course the diversity and uniqueness of each musicality personnel are also a great source of inspiration for me,” said Aga.

Febri said, “Aga’s musicality really inspires me. Ify has also known us for a long time and once sang with HIVI!. Gerald is a good friend for discussing music and anime for a long time. It’s exactly fun and easy to connect when working together. Moreover, this time, we both agree on the feeling of “calm” in making works to mark this pandemic period, which makes all the processes become very flowing.”

Although there are many obstacles in the process of making albums in this pandemic, the energy of these 4 musicians has succeeded in creating a full work of sweet songs.

“(It’s an) exciting and fun experience in the process of making “Bermain Rintik di Musim Hujan” Album with Gerald as music co-produce. There are so many challenges, ranging from concepts, technical, scheduling to finally the release of the album went through a fairly long process. Besides the HIVI! core team, Gerald, Ify and Aga cooperation, we also thank all of our friends who are involved,” said Ezra.

“The sweet surprise on the “Bermain Rintik di Musim Hujan” album was the rearrangement of the song “Musim Hujan” by HIVI!, and “Bermain Hujan” by Ify Alyssa. “Musim Hujan” is one of the songs that made me fall in love on the first listen. I’m so excited when I know I will sing my version of the song on this album. Then, we immediately discussed how to make the new version fresh without reducing the original taste of the song which is already good from there.” said Ify.

Ilham said, “Despite many collaborators on this album, all the messages still feel very personal. I think “Bermain Rintik di Musim Hujan” fits perfectly for those who are tired and depressed. Hopefully, it can bring a smile to listeners.”

Neida added about the intimate showcase, “We feel the songs on the “Bermain Rintik di Musim Hujan” album will be very pleasant to be delivered with the intimate setting. I’m super excited to meet friends in Jakarta and Surabaya and introduce our work. In addition to the songs on the album, we will also bring our previous works with beautiful different arrangements.”


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