Tulus Narrates A Story of Nala in Music Video of “Nala”

Tulus released a new music video for “Nala”, one of the tracks on his album, “Manusia”. The album itself was released on March 3, 2022. “Nala” is a story about Nala and her broken heart. She felt like she had to change parts of her life to fit into the world. Perhaps, what Nala feels in the music video and the song exists in our life as humans, and Tulus wants to portray it to us. 

Tulus explained his latest album, Manusia, as “the new color of music in this album is the result of collaboration with hundreds of talents,”. Not only collaborating with hundreds of talents, but he also involves Ari Renaldi, a brilliant producer who produces multiple songs with Tulus. Some names such as Dere, Petra Sihombing, Topan Abimayu, and Yoseph Sitompul also participated in the making of this album, 

Some of the songs in the album were perfected by an excellent orchestra, moreover, dozens of professional sessionist, choirs and a big orchestra are involved in this album. The spirit of youth, self-appreciation, and a variety of emotions as part of Tulus’ new album “Manusia”. 

“Manusia” was released at the same time as his 10 years anniversary in the music industry and a music video of “Tujuh Belas”, an opening number which soon will be followed with other 9 songs. A variety of visual illustrations has been prepared to improve Tulus in the music industry.     

“Hopefully the songs in this album will grow big and lift the hearts of all who listen,” hoped Tulus.

Right now, “Nala” music video is already out on Youtube and the  “Manusia” album can be listened to in digital music stores.  


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