HIVI! Specially Presents”SISKAMLING”, A Melodic Karaoke-Go-Round to Bandung

HIVI! finally came to Bandung with a special program called “Sistem Karaoke Merdu Keliling” or SISKAMLING. In collaboration with Blue Doors Bandung held on June 19, 2023. HIVI! managed to invite friends and Hifriends in Bandung to sing together and enjoy intimate time through the SISKAMLING program.

The 5th edition of HIVI! and Rumah Kreatif KEINA’s SISKAMLING program was the third time HIVI! visited other cities to organize this program. After the Surabaya and Yogyakarta SISKAMLING in 2022, this time, HIVI! went to Bandung to sing along with Bandung people. 

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The SISKAMLING event, which started around 7:30 p.m., not only featured Febria, Ilham, Neida, and Ezra but also invited Bandung’s senior band, KUBURAN Band, who together entertained the visitors who came. After the song “Lupa-Lupa Tapi Ingat”, the famous group joined and provided excitement for SISKAMLING Edition 5. 

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