How Christians in Saudi Arabia Celebrate Christmas?

Saudi Arabia is known as a conservative country with the majority of the population being Muslim. Since the reign of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, now they are more open to celebrate non-muslim days. The Crown Prince started to push the country’s regulations from ultra-conservative to moderate.

In the past, any other religious celebrations were officially banned; therefore, no Christmas decorations were able to be found in the public. Starting from 2020, Christians will be able to hold celebrations more publicly, because we can find festive gifts and decorations in various Kingdom’s markets and malls. Santa Claus has even made an appearance in Al-Khobar.

Christians in Saudi, during the Christmas night, will decorate their home with twinkling lights and Christmas tree as a sign that they’re rejoicing. Some people frequently gather there to pray with one another. ( The fact that there is no holiday makes Christmas celebrations in Saudi Arabia unique from those in other parts of the world because most people are still at work in the morning.

They break up the celebrations into 3 days, usually starting with a lunch or dinner at their home on the first day, going to the beach on the second day, and planning a movie on the third day.

The current policy that has been applied by Mohammed bin Salman, as both Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, will encourage the coexistence, acceptance and assimilation of different cultures within the society, and also provide safe space for people who are non-muslim to celebrate their religious days, while at the same time drawing tourists from every part of the world to visit the country.


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