Jaz Guide Us To Keep Going With New Single “Move On Tutorial”

Jaz released another new single “Move On Tutorial” after releasing his album “Transisi” in mid 2022. This song guides us to keep going on, or in other words move on. “After Transisi which presents a lot of experiments music-wise, this song really shows that I already move on to the next phase. So, this is Jaz’s music transition journey,” he said. 

“Everyone, at one point, must have been sad and hurt. But, one day, those heartaches will go away and be replaced with something new. Either in the form of person or situation. To admonish this, “Move On Tutorial” was created,” according to the singer born on 5 March in Brunei Darussalam.

It didn’t take long for this single to be made. Jaz only needed 1 month after having one workshop with Kaleb J as the songwriter of “Move On Tutorial”. Jaz admits that he instantly fell in love with this song, “I was asked what kind of song that I’m listening to lately and I gave them several titles.

From there they grasp what kind of music style I like and give me this song. The theme suits me really well, while there is some change compared to the past song since it has a sexier beat. Working with new friends provides a refreshing nuance. Audio and sound treatment feels modernized.”

Several challenges were also faced while making this song “At first, I was thinking that the recording would only take 2-3 hours. In reality, there are technical problems that slowly make it feel hard. But thanks to the brand-new surrounding vibes, I feel ecstatic. In the middle of our conversation I also learned a lot about new songwriting formulas and how to choose catchy and unique titles. It gave me a lot of learning experience.”

Jaz’s new single, “Move On Tutorial” can be heard in digital music platform starting on December 23rd 2022


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