If Your Eye Makeup Smudges Easily, These 5 Factors May be the Reason

Using eye makeup will make your makeup look more charming and beautiful. No makeup feels complete without the right eye makeup. But, what if it turns out that eye makeup wears off easily? To avoid these mistakes, you should follow a few ways below to keep eye makeup on fleek.

5 Factors of Eye Makeup Smudges Easily

  1. Wrong concealer color under the eyes 

Colors like blue, green, and purple have a big influence on the effect of the makeup results later. You should know what color is needed to cover up the flaws on your face. You can also mix green concealer with pink and for blue and purple concealer mix it with peach. The combination of these colors will be able to hide tired-looking eyes.

  1. Curling your lashes after using mascara

Although curling the lashes does make them wider, it will only make your mascara clump on the lashes. It’s best to curl your lashes first before applying mascara. This is necessary for more defined and neat lashes.

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  1. Not using primer when using eyeshadow

Primer not only serves as a base and disguises wrinkles, but also makes makeup last all day. Try using a primer before applying eyeshadow on your eyelids and you’ll be amazed how long-lasting your eye makeup is.

  1. Wearing eyeliner and mascara before eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow after eyeliner and mascara will only make it difficult to mix it with other colors. This is because mascara and eyeliner dry quickly and cover most of the eye area. Therefore, you should use eyeliner and mascara afterward so that the colors can blend but still stand out.

  1. Wearing dark colors on the inner corner

Wearing black around the eye area will only make you look older. We recommend using shimmery or cream in the inner corner area. This is because bright colors give the impression of brighter and wider eyes. Makeup can also make you look younger and more natural.

Those are some tips or ways that can be tried so that your eye makeup does not fade easily and remains beautiful to look at. 

Source: popbela.com

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