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5 Makeup Brushes To Improve Your Makeup Quality

For women, makeup is one of the most important things. For a good makeup look it doesn’t only depend on skills and products but also tools and brushes are one of them. Even though  there are various types of makeup brushes, there are a few main types you need to know for your basic makeup.

5 Makeup Brushes To Improve Your Makeup Quality

1.       Foundation brush

A flat, densely packed brush used for applying liquid or cream foundation evenly and flawlessly onto the skin. The foundation brush functions to evenly distribute the product into the skin, so that the finish can look smooth and shiny compared to just using your fingers.

2.       Eyeshadow brush 

This makeup brush can apply eyeshadow on the eyelids intensely, both matte and shimmer eyeshadow. The curved shape makes it easier to blend the eyeshadow so that the eye makeup can transition smoothly, so that the use of eyeshadow looks more natural.

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3.       Fan brush

Its flat and wide shape is like a fan, its function is to apply highlighter to the cheekbones or jaw. Fan brush can also be used to apply bronzer, blush, loose powder on the cheeks to give a perfect and soft blush pigment, as well as for finishing makeup at the end.

4.       Eyeliner brush

This brush serves to apply liquid eyeliner or powder eyeliner and create winged eyeliner. In general, this brush is thin and has a very small, tapered tip. Therefore, the eyeliner brush can reach areas that require angles or curves.

5.       Lash and brow brush 

Lash and brow brush have two sides with different functions. The comb-shaped side functions to comb the eyelashes and clean any mascara clumps that may be left behind when applying mascara. 

While the other side, which is shaped like a toothbrush, is used to comb eyebrows. This eyebrow brush is very flexible because it can be used on powder or gel-based products.

Makeup brushes are indeed very useful for maximizing one’s facial makeup. But don’t forget to take care of the brush so that it lasts. You can wash your brushes a maximum of once a week to keep them clean.


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