Want to Improve Your Skin? Here Are 6 Ways Niacinamide Helps Your Skin Goal

Niacinamide is a type of vitamin B3 that is very popular among skincare enthusiasts. It is also considered gentle to use for any skin type. Do you want to add the nutrient to your skincare routine, yet are unsure? Here are 6 ways it improves your skin, and helps you achieve your skin goal.

6 Ways Niacinamide Helps Your Skin Goal

1. Treat dark spots
Niacinamide has become renowned for its benefit to brighten skin. A study proved that skin care products containing 5% niacinamide can help in fading dark spots.

2. Improve skin hydration
When niacinamide is present, the lipid barrier, a water-and-oil layer that shields your skin, may work better. It helps retain moisture and prevent pollutants or other potential irritants. As a result, your skin will become more hydrated and less sensitive.

3. Reduce redness
Niacinamide has been demonstrated to calm redness caused by conditions like acne. Additionally, it helps get rid of redness resulting from strong exfoliants like retinol.

4. Prevent skin cancer
Although this needs more studies, niacinamide may be able to shield your skin from skin cancer. This is possible as it is related to nicotinamide, a vitamin B preventing skin cancer growth in some people.

5. Get rid of wrinkles
Niacinamide may shield and recover your skin from damage caused by aging, sun, and stress. A study has shown that the combination of niacinamide and retinol reduce wrinkles and dark spots.

6. Minimize pores
Niacinamide can minimize pores by controlling the amount of oil in skin glands. The excess oil on skin can cause clogged pores and breakouts.

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In conclusion, niacinamide can achieve your skin goal. However, although it is gentle, keep in mind that it rarely causes allergic reaction, itching, mild burning sensation, and redness. Therefore, you still need to test your skin.

source: health.clevelandclinic.org

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