Is “Madame Web” a Tangled Web of Disappointment?

Bingkai Karya – Sony’s latest attempt to expand the Spider-Man universe with “Madame Web” swings and misses, according to critics. Starring Dakota Johnson as the titular clairvoyant, the film struggles to captivate due to an underwhelming premise and derivative execution.

The story revolves around Cassandra Webb, a paramedic who gains the ability to see the future after a near-death experience. Tasked with protecting three teenagers targeted by a villain, Cassie navigates her newfound powers while dealing with clunky dialogue and rushed character introductions. While the 2003 setting offers a unique starting point, even die-hard Marvel fans might find the film’s connection to the broader universe underwhelming.

Despite a brisk pace, “Madame Web” gets tangled in predictable plotlines and clichéd character portrayals. The teenagers Cassie protects come across as Disney Channel archetypes, lacking depth and genuine connection. This, coupled with the limited visual excitement of a “power” existing solely in the mind, leaves the film feeling more like an extended prologue than a complete story.

Compared to the upcoming “Kraven the Hunter” with its conventional action elements, “Madame Web” appears less likely to resonate with audiences yearning for superhero thrills. While the initial concept might have held promise, the execution leaves critics questioning its potential for success.

Will “Madame Web” spin a box office success story? Only time will tell. But based on early reviews, it seems this latest venture into the Spider-Man universe might leave moviegoers feeling stuck in a web of disappointment.


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