Jesse McCartney Drops New Single “Make a Baby,” Announces Upcoming EP ‘All’s Well’

Bingkai Karya – Pop star Jesse McCartney is back with new music, defying expectations and embracing his true self with his upcoming EP ‘All’s Well’ (due April 5, 2024). The project follows his 2021 release ‘New Stage’ and promises a diverse musical experience, blending infectious R&B beats, playful romantic tracks, and personal reflections.

The EP’s second single, “Make a Baby,” produced by The Eleven, showcases a new side of McCartney. The song combines elements of 2000s Timbaland-inspired beats with modern pop R&B, and features McCartney’s most sensuous vocals to date. However, the lyrics offer a humorous and honest look at the realities of trying to conceive. McCartney, who is married to Katie Peterson McCartney, shares his perspective on the challenges of baby-making, balancing lightheartedness with honesty about the process.

The song also features a guest verse from rapper Yung Gravy, offering a contrasting youthful perspective. McCartney and Gravy connected at a concert and finally collaborated on “Make a Baby” after months of planning.

With two singles already released, fans can expect a diverse and personal collection of music from ‘All’s Well’. This upcoming release marks a new chapter in McCartney’s artistic journey, showcasing his growth and evolution as a musician. The EP is sure to resonate with fans who have followed his career since his early days, while also attracting new listeners with its unique blend of sounds and themes.


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