Joan Shares a Story of Falling in Love With a Wrong Person in “Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend”

Joan released “Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend”. After over two years of releasing music without playing shows alongside those releases, Joan had never felt so energized and inspired to start working on their best songs. “Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” tells a story about the relatable feeling of being in a relationship and the dilemma of knowing someone you love.

Yet, at the same time, you realized that person was not the right one for you. “Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” was the first song written after the tour and Joan immediately knew this was a special song.

Joan stated, “it’s also about growing up though and knowing  that you just can’t continue being friends with each other, because you know how that situation turns out. hope this song resonates with you in some way – makes you realize you need to cut  that person out of your life, makes you move, makes you want to start a band, makes you  want to call your best friend :).” 

Moreover, “Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” features colorful synths over electronic-dipped landscapes and  dream-filled melodies culminating into a sing-a-long worthy chorus. The song is a standout  and empowering pop anthem all about moving on. The accompanying video shows joan’s light  hearted and comedic side complete with an alien invasion to boot. 


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