Splendid Market: A Legendary Bird and Animal Center in Malang

Splendid was established in the 1960s by traders who often gathered in the area. Progressively, this market in the Klojen area is growing and always crowded with visitors.

The area itself is divided into three, namely the bird market, ornamental fish market, and flower market. Because of its uniqueness, many local and foreign tourists often visit this market.

The name “Splendid” is taken from the Splendid Inn housing located not far from this market. The housing is directly across Alun-Alun Tugu Kota Malang (Malang City Monument Square).

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Splendid Inn housing has been around since the Dutch era and is still active until today, as well as the names and activities at the Splendid Market. Every day, there are always buyers and tourists coming and visiting.

Splendid Market doesn’t just sell birds. With time, the ornamental fish market and flower market emerged. In the flower market, the greenish interior dominates every corner of this market. The border between the stalls is invisible. Everything seems to blend with the products sold. Colorful flowers are arranged in such a way as to make it easier for buyers to choose their desired flower. (Ultram)


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