Pelin Tells a Story of Teenager Love Story in “Hatimu Hatiku” 

Pelin or Eveline Restu Asmoro continues to release her 4th single “Hatimu Hatiku” after releasing some singles such as “Cemburu”, “Bestie” and “Luka & Obat”. Moreover, “Hatiku Hatimu” comes with K-Pop vibes with happy nuance. Pelin shares a story about a teenager who is in a spark of love and ends with a confession.  

In the process of making “Hatimu Hatiku”, Pelin involved Abram Lembono as a music producer. Abram Lembono is known for his work with Indonesian artists and international artists. Pelin only needs one meeting with Abram Lembono to create “Hatimu Hatiku” and the second meeting was when Pelin finished her music video shooting process.

In the end, the result of the brainstorming created a unique song color, which also feels more electronic, but does not eliminate the cheerful side of Pelin’s musical character.

Pelin said that “Hatimu Hatimu” was inspired by K-dramas she watched a few years ago such as “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” which was released in 2018.  The music video starred Joe and Pelin and both of them have the same feelings. The music video of “Hatimu Hatiku” was directed by Surya Atmaja, describing the beautiful feeling given by Pelin and Joe through their daily stories such as first sight, spending time together, and confession. 

About Pelin

Pelin begin her career as singer come from hobby playing guitar and singing as TikTok Creator. 21 years old girl from Surabaya named Eveline Restu Asmoro gone viral after her TikTok account @peliniseveline reach 7 million views on her content which covering SS501’s song “Making a Lover” and Maudy Ayunda’s song “Tiba-Tiba Cinta Datang”.

Moreover, Pelin had collaborated with many music producers and local musicians. Straightforward lyrics and dynamic tones with happy vibes make it suitable with her vocal’s character. Pelin hoped that she could deliver a message in every stanza and tone to all listeners .  


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