Jurassic World Remains on Top, Lightyear Crawls Down

Universal’s beast “Jurassic World Dominion” managed to gain US$58.6 million from 4,697 cinemas in its second weekend of release, boosting its domestic total to US$295 million.

Premiering at the same time with Universal’s beast “Jurassic World Dominion”, Pixar’s “Lightyear” came in second place at the domestic box office, making it one of the few Pixar films to not take the top spot.

The Disney film was anticipated to make at least US$70 million over the weekend. Yet, Disney must relinquish its desire to earn that amount. (https://experience.afrotech.com/)  

A spinoff from Pixar’s Toy Story, “Lightyear”, fails to top the US box office, with only gaining US$51 million from 4,255 North American theaters. Even though the number of moviegoers increased after the pandemic, it does not help “Lightyear”’s achievement to be as pleasing as other Pixar movies like “The Incredibles”, “Finding Nemo”, and “Up”. 

“Lightyear” is the first Pixar movie to be in cinemas after 2 years. Previously, Pixar’s movies like Soul, Luca, and Turning Red, were immediately put to Disney+ and did not air in the cinemas. (canadianpharmacy365.net)

The phenomenon of the drop in Pixar’s film achievements has made experts wonder if Disney places too much emphasis on brand recognition and not enough on execution. They also speculated if the Pixar movie enjoyers have relied on watching Pixar movies at home through Disney+. What do you think, guys?


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