Kizuna AI Anime Series ‘Kizuna no Allele’ is Back with Second Season

‘Kizuna no Allele’, the anime project of Kizuna Ai, has been renewed for a second season. ‘Kizuna no Allele’ is an anime relating to vtuber Kizuna Ai. The anime was first aired in April 2023 and completed its 12 episode run in June. Now, the series is back with its second season in October 2023.

‘Kizuna no Allele’ tells the story of Miracle, a girl attending ADEN, a school for aspiring virtual pop idols. From her childhood on, Miracle has looked up to Kizuna Ai, the world’s first AI idol, who won the prestigious Lapin d’Or prize five years in a row then mysteriously disappeared from the public eye. In ADEN, Miracle joins the group ‘PathTLive’ to win the Virtual Grid Awards so she can achieve her dreams.

In the second season of ‘Kizuna no Allele’, still following the formation of ‘PathTLive’ with members consisting of Miracle, Quan, Noelle, Cris and Riz. They will finally compete in the heat battle at the Virtual Grid Awards. In its second season new groups such as BRT5, VICONIC, 3DM8 will also make an appearance, so you can look forward to seeing how the girls interact with each other.

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It’s not just the anime that fans can enjoy, the ‘Alleles’Project’, is also active on video distribution services, with more that 100 videos uploaded to their YouTube channel. The ‘Alleles’Project’ is an extended reality project consisting of live streams from the characters of the anime ‘Kizuna no Allele.’ 

Currently the ‘Alleles’Project’ has just released an official music video for PathTLive’ s song, titled ”「SHININGi」” that you can watch on their official youtube channel. While the ‘Kizuna no Allele’ second season can be watched starting in October 2023.

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