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Krist to Have Solo Concert Asia Tour 2023 In Indonesia

Krist Perawat will be back to Jakarta soon! After visiting Indonesia five years ago, this time, Krist Perawat is ready to entertain all his fans through a more intimate concert through the ‘KRIST SOLO CONCERT ASIA TOUR 2023 IN INDONESIA!’ on August 19, 2023.

Krist’s visit is of course very happy news for Yuyu, the nickname for Krist’s fans in Indonesia. This concert will also be Krist’s first solo concert in Jakarta. Krist has prepared, and will present his best performance for all Yuyu who come to this event.

Before coming to Jakarta this August, Krist himself has also held four solo concerts in Japan in April 2023 and Cambodia in July. Krist’s solo concerts will be available in three categories with ticket prices ranging from 1 million to 2.6 million Rupiah. Each category comes with different benefits.

Local promoter Lumina Entertainment will open ticket sales on July 8 2023 at the official ticketing partner, Fans can buy tickets through the official website and mobile apps at starting at 14:00 WIB.

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About Krist Perawat

Krist Perawat Sangpotirat was born on October 18, 1995 and made his debut through acting in 2016 under the management of GMMTV. Krist has starred in sixteen series and a film. Krist’s newest song: Call Me will be released in April 2023 under RISER MUSIC, a music label owned by GMMTV.

Not only interested in acting, Krist also contributed to writing the lyrics for the rap part of the song SKY. He also showed his love for singing through his first debut song, which was entitled Door Air and A Good Day in 2018 and continued with SKY in 2019. 

The details of benefits for each category are:

  1. Lumos: IDR 2,600,000

Benefit: Group Photo 1:10, Chance to win autographed poster for 70 people, Official event poster

  1. Centrums: IDR 1,800,000

Benefits: Group photo 1:15, Official event poster

  1. Retro: IDR 1,000,000

Benefits: Group photo 1:20, Official event poster

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