Know More About Slow Fashion For Environmental and Society Welfare

Fashion is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and has an important role in everyday life. Unfortunately, fashion also has negative effects for unfavorable working conditions of workers in production and environment. That’s why, the concept of slow fashion appears as an alternative for consumers to be more concerned for environment and production ethics. (  

Slow fashion is a fashion concept that focuses on production quality and sustainability. Brands with slow fashion produce fashion products that last a long time with ethically, environmentally and socially responsible. On the other hand, fast fashion produces fashion products in large quantities at low prices, but of low quality and break down quickly. (

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Some of the things that distinguish slow fashion and fast fashion brands are quality. Product quality uses durable materials with timeless designs. These products will last in the long term thereby helping to reduce the environmental impact of wasteful consumption patterns.

Not only that, slow fashion brands are generally more transparent in providing information on their production process to consumers. This can provide an opportunity for consumers to know how and from where their products are produced.

Moreover, the slow fashion brand also pays attention to the working conditions and rights of its workers. They will also observe the impact of production on the environment and seek to minimize this impact. Prices for slow fashion brand products also tend to be more expensive, but comparable to the quality and sustainability of production.

Changing fashion consumption is an important step in reducing the negative impact of the fashion industry on society and the environment. It is also beneficial for consumers because it has durable and high quality products. By using the concept of slow fashion, we can help make a positive impact on the fashion industry.

Source: Woman Indonesia

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