Laleilmanino Collaborated with Chicco Jerikho, HiVi!, and Sheila Dara in ‘Dengar Alam Bernyanyi’

Climate change has widely impacted our lives. The rise of earth temperature caused many changes in nature and human’s life, such as extreme weather, natural disaster, crop failure, and prolonged drought. Seeing this, Laleilmanino was inspired to make ‘Dengar Alam Menyanyi’. 

Interestingly, they invited Chicco Jerikho, HiVi!, and Sheila Dara to celebrate World Earth Day on April 22nd, 2022. On Earth Day, they encouraged many people to look at our Earth and work together in maintaining the forest in order to prevent the impact of climate change. 

Laleilmanino went to Wisata Situ Gunung. Nino shared, “It is easy to get inspirations, until we find things that we can pour into our song.” ‘Dengar Alam Bernyanyi’ is Laleilmanino’s first song that was created in the forest, outside the studio, by talking to the forest. While exploring the forest, they invited Verena Puspawandari as Program Director of Coaction Indonesia and Christian Natalie as Program Manager of Hutan Itu Indah (HII). 

Chicco welcomed the collaboration because the song brought a critical issue. He believed that the forest did not only work as the world’s lungs, but also the savior of the world’s carbon emission problem. Similar to Chicco, HiVi! also saw that this song contained a great message to preserve the earth. Sheila really liked the song as well as the message. It was the first time for Sheila to sing a song about the environment.

Laleilmanino’s Nino realized that growing the younger generation’s love for nature required hard work. Therefore, Verena really appreciated ‘Dengar Alam Bernyanyi’. She thought that a song that encouraged the audience to love nature was one of the ways for musicians to raise awareness together and make the message spread more massively.


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