Learn How To Let Go Through Rakhano’s “Ajarkanku Melepaskanya”

In the middle of the wave of Indonesia’s soloists music industry, Rakhano finally took his first step by releasing “Ajarkanku Melepaskanya” on September 1st. The soloist with the full name Faqih Rakhanoto is trying to tell a story behind “Ajarkanku Melepaskanya”. (Tramadol) The story is about the difficulty of letting go of a relationship that should be ended right away, but we still haven’t got the gut to end it because of the love we feel towards the object of the song.

“My first single tells a story of a relationship that has to end, but one of them still wants to be in the relationship. This condition made him pour his heart out to God, hoping that God would give him the strength to be able to let go of that relationship.” the singer explained.

“Ajarkanku Melepaskanya” was made to reality by Desmon Latif dan Stefanus L J. Even though Rakhano didn’t participate in the writing of the single, Rakhano doesn’t stop to expand his musical curious instinct by practicing his writing ability regularly. His writing in the vault might come to a reality one day.

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The 20 years old rookie soloist also stated that he faced several challenges while participating on the recording of the song. But even though recording “Ajarkanku Melepaskanya” was a challenging thing to do, Rakhano felt really delighted by the new experiences and skills he was able to expand during the process.

Rakhano hope that “Ajarkanku Melepaskanya” can be enjoyed and listened by the listeners all over Indonesia. “My only hope is that people will like the single, whether they relate to it or not, and can feel the message and feelings that I want to deliver through this song.”


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