Let’s Visit Takayama, Japan’s Best Historical City

Takayama is a city located in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. As of July 2011, the city had an estimated population of 92,369 and a population density of 42 persons per km². Here are the reasons why you should visit Takayama City. (

  • Winter Landscape 
  • The beauty of this area increases when winter arrives, where the houses of the Sanmachi merchants located in the old district are covered with gentle falling snow. Water from the melted snow also flows under the roofs and lattice windows of old houses, while warm temperatures radiate from the fires from within.

    1. Sanmachi: Takayama Old Town

    Takayama’s old town, called Sanmachi, is one of the must-see tourist spots when coming to Gifu. Tourists can take a walk while enjoying the old architecture from the Edo Period. There are also craft shops selling traditional crafts made by local people, restaurants serving local specialties and sake breweries offering the best sake in Takayama.

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    1. Peaceful and Serene Nature

    As a small town surrounded by beautiful nature, from mountains and rivers to forests and rivers, Takayama is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Japan and relax in peace and quiet. Especially when coupled with enjoying good quality Hida beef dishes and sushi, it can add to the impression of a pleasant holiday.

    1. Rail Travel For Tourist

    One of the best things about visiting this city is taking an amazing train ride on the Hida Wide View Express. The train circles the scenic spots as well as the mountains of Gifu Prefecture. This trip is just as stunning in winter, with the incredible white views and snow-capped mountains that are simply gorgeous.


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