Lyodra & Andi Rianto Presented Magnificient Arrangement in Remake “Sang Dewi”

Lyodra released an extraordinary work in collaboration with prominent musician, Andi Rianto on August 12, 2022. This collaboration is a reimagination of an old song titled “Sang Dewi”. “Sang Dewi” is an original song created by Andi Rianto with Titi DJ, who was also the singer of “Sang Dewi” in 2001.

“This song tells about a woman who finds her true love. Although the man is not a God, he has made the woman feel like a goddess,” explained Andi Rianto. 

Certainly, in this remake single, Andi Rianto as the producer and arranger wanted to give a new color in the nuances of the arrangement, considering the vocal character of Lyodra. Also sure enough, for the sound department the latest version of “Sang Dewi” was arranged so nicely by involving the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in giving a super grand musical feel.

The attractive pop music, combined with the sounds of various instruments of an orchestra, made an extraordinary unity of a work. For the music video, it used high technology and visionary concepts which amazed Lyodra and Andi Rianto.

Moreover, Lyodra and Andi Rianto also shared their struggle when remaking “Sang Dewi”. Andi Rianto tried to match Lyodra’s vocal character with the song. He also stated that he believed Lyodra’s ability and strength to conquer the arrangements. For Lyodra, it was difficult to sing the song due to notation, pitch, and vocal range. She must give new improvisation and vibes to the song.

“This is such an honor to sing “Sang Dewi” which is sung by one of Indonesia’s best singers, Titi DJ. Hopefully, this remake song will be liked and listened to by many people, and can give a new color to the song,” said Lyodra.


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