Mahalini & Rizky Febian Narrate the Same Goal of Love in “Satu Tuju”

Mahalini & Rizky Febian came back with their collaboration single entitled “Satu Tuju”. This song became their 2nd collaboration after “You’re Mine” was released. “Satu Tuju” narrates a couple who have a sad and traumatic story of love and they finally meet to get the perfect love for each other. Unfortunately, they have different religions so they should unite the same goal of love to always stay together.

For Lini, this single is a hope from her and Rizky Febian in creating a perfect love. “Hopefully, this song can be a good start between me and Iky to combine our different vocal and music genres as usual. We will also have another project in the future. This song becomes a love soundtrack for many couples who have different religions and want to have the same goal of love”, said Mahalini Raharja.

“Satu Tuju” is a part of “Senja Hari Ini Indah” webseries which is produced by CXO Media. “Satu Tuju” was released on September 16, 2022. This song is available on all digital music platforms.


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