Sam Tompkins Wants Us to Appreciate Our Special Person in “Lose It All”

Sam Tompkins’s magnificent debut new song, “Lose It All,” which is expected to be his big breakthrough moment, was premiered in the BBC Radio 1 by Jack Saunders on 22 September 2022.

The Brighton-based musician, who has ignored the hype in favor of creating his own way, is one of the fastest-rising British male artists in the world. Sam Tompkins is an artist who focuses on pure emotion, successfully avoiding the gloss and glamor of the celebrity world and discovering a universal sense of expression in the process.

“Lose It All”, the 1st single from Sam’s much awaited debut album, is sweet and genuine. The piano’s undulating notes lift Sam’s voice to greater levels. A magnificent performance with those high and strong notes which drops to that beautiful chorus is unforgettable. (Alprazolam)

Sam Tompkins said, “The song is about showing your love for someone before it’s too late. I never want to experience the bad side of any of it.”

His critically acclaimed singles and EP made him gain more popularity. Hiis globally popular collaboration with Jnr Choi, “To The Moon,” received over 300+ million global streams and topped the Spotify viral hits chart, as well as a string of viral videos and grassroots touring. Because of that, Sam has assembled large supporters who are moving alongside him.

Sam Tompkins’s 10 year career has clearly reached a turning point with more than 100 million of his own global streams across all platforms. Fans are captivated with “Lose It All,” which reaches parts of their soul they didn’t know existed. The initial TikTok previews have received more than 4 million streams.


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